Calvary is served by three pastors – Pastor Kristen Larsen-Schmidt and Interim Lead Pastor Mark Halaas and Interim Pastor Sonja Brucklacher.  We answer to just about anything, but most folks call us “Pastor Kristen” and “Pastor Mark” and “Pastor Sonja.”  Calvary is currently going through the process of calling a lead pastor. 


Mark CroppedPastor Mark

“It is a delight to serve as the interim lead pastor here at Calvary as it seeks new pastoral leadership. I began my pastoral work in mid-February of this year and will continue until a new interim lead pastor is called.  Calvary faithfully lives out its mission through the witness of many who lift high the cross of Christ in their daily life.   It is exciting to be part of a faith community that sees its call to be generous stewards and disciples of God’s grace.  Come, see, celebrate and engage with others in worship and service!  As Calvary’s mission statement proclaims – All have an important role in being the church that God calls us to be – for each other and the world.”

Pastor Kristen

I have been serving here at Calvary since January of 2009. This is my second call, having served in a smaller congregation for 6 ½ years. I love being a pastor at Calvary. It is a vibrant grace-centered place, full of generous members and warm-hearted colleagues. As one of Calvary’s pastors, I share in the privilege of preaching, teaching, visitation and worship leadership. I am the pastor who works most closely with new member orientation and women’s ministries.

Pastor Sonja Brucklacher – Visitation Pastor