I’m interested in a Baptism at Calvary.  What’s involved?

We welcome all to the baptism font at Calvary! – both young and old, both members and non-members. At Calvary, baptisms happen in worship, both Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. In preparation for baptism, we ask that you – the baptism family, and (if available) your sponsors – attend one of our Baptism orientation classes, held monthly at Calvary. (Please note: you can attend the class anytime before the baptism event, even before a baby is born!) For more information about baptism class, please CLICK HERE. Baptisms should be scheduled at least three weeks in advance. For any additional questions and to schedule your baptism, please contact Cathy in the church office (701-772-4897).

I’m interested in having a wedding at Calvary.  What’s involved?

You can reserve a date for your wedding at Calvary by contacting Cathy in the church office. Once your wedding date is reserved,  you should contact one of our wedding coordinator co-chairs for a meeting..  If you wedding will be held in the sanctuary, please contact Wedding Coordinator Gloria Sanford (701-772-4236).  If your wedding will be held in the Fellowship Hall, please contact Wedding Coordinator Meghan Olson.  

At Calvary, we ask that all couples attend a pre-marraige retreat facilitated by a Calvary staff person or by Life Works ministries. All Calvary retreats will be held at Calvary with a cost of $150/couple. To learn more about retreats options visit the Calvary Pre-Marriage Class pageCouples also have the opportunity to attend a retreat facilitated by Life Works. The retreats are Friday evening and Saturday (cost: $300/couple), and occur various weekends in Grand Forks and elsewhere (go to www.lovecommitsucceed.com for more info).

All of Calvary’s pastors perform weddings.  Once it is determined which pastor you’ll be working with, you will be able to meet with him/her for follow-up from your retreat experience and to work together in planning the wedding service.  For additional information, you can view our complete Calvary Wedding Guide. For a scholarship form for the retreat, click here.

I’ve see Calvary has a Columbarium.  How can I get more information about that?


The Calvary Lutheran Church Columbarium was completed in the fall of 2016.  The word “columbarium” is new to many of us and is defined as a structure built for permanent and respectful storage of urns containing cremated remains.  The curved free-standing structure has the niche fronts facing inward, where a paved area, benches and landscaping provides a quiet place to reflect.

Calvary members may reserve a companion niche (holds two urns) in our Columbarium located on the northwest corner of our property.  Inurnment in the Columbarium is available to Calvary members, their spouse, parents, children or grandchildren.  The cost is $1600 which includes the reservation of a companion niche, urns, inscriptions on the granite niche front and perpetual care.

To reserve a companion niche, please read and complete the following documents:

Please submit the completed documents to the Calvary Lutheran Church Office so that they may be processed.  If you have questions, please call the church office at 772-4897 or e-mail place4u@calvarygf.org.

 Who is welcome to receive communion at Calvary?

Christ is the host of this table.  All baptized Christians who believe that the body and blood of Christ is present for us in this meal and who desire his gifts of forgiveness, life, and salvation are welcome to commune. We have no minimum age. Children are welcome to receive the sacrament as their parents consider it fitting. Worshipers of all ages who wish not to commune may come forward for a blessing.

How is communion served at Calvary?

In contemporary worship, communion is always served by intinction. This means that a wafer of bread will be handed to you by the server, and then you can dip the wafer into the grape juice (we do not use wine in this service). Non-gluten wafers will be served upon request.

In traditional and blended worship, communion is served in various ways. Sometimes we serve by intinction, dipping a wafer into a cup of wine or grape juice (both will be offered). Sometimes worshipers kneel at the altar, and servers give them a piece of bread (non-gluten wafers are available), and then they choose either wine or grape juice served in individual cups from a tray. When you are through communing, you may go back to your seat. There will be one blessing spoken for all at the completion of communion.   At every service you attend, you will be guided by ushers. As you put forward your hands to receive the bread and the wine or grape juice you will hear these words addressed to you: “This is the body of Christ, given for you. This is the blood of Christ shed for you.”  This is Christ for you.

Do you provide nursery care?

Nursery care is available during worship on Sundays and Wednesdays. It is also available for many other church activities. Calvary’s nursery is staffed by caring adults. The nursery is a cheerful place stocked with plenty of toys, books, activities and music. If you have questions about the nursery, contact the church office.

How can I reserve a space at Calvary for a shower or other event?

Showers and other special events are scheduled at Calvary by contacting Cathy in the church office.   For further information, you can view a copy of our Church Use Policy Form.