The Calvary Foundation

Calvary Foundation Mission Statement:

Calvary’s Foundation provides perpetual financial support to further Calvary’s mission of serving and igniting people for Christ both locally and worldwide.”

Tax Savings for Giving to Endowments

The North Dakota Legislature renewed and expanded the tax benefits available to those who contribute to qualified Endowment Funds like the Calvary Foundation. These benefits are available in the form of a tax credit of up to 40% from your State Income Tax. The North Dakota Association of Nonprofit Organizations  offers the following two pieces for additional information.

This tax credit provides an incredible financial incentive to potential donors.  There may never be a better time than now to make the gift you’ve been thinking of giving. You are also encouraged to talk to a member of the Foundation Board or your financial planner to find out more information.

Foundation Board Members

  • Brian Harris, Calvary Council President
  • Mike Gravdall
  • Gary Lloyd
  • Megan Flom
  • Shari Storbakken
  • Arden Shores
  • Kirk Meseck (Calvary Lead Pastor)
  • Heather Vandervort (Calvary Director of Finances)

Weekly Offering Envelopes 

Automated Fund Transfers

Online Giving

Noisy Offering