Noisy Offering

Noisy Offering contemporary Dec 2010Weekly “Noisy Offering” Adds Up To Make A Difference!

Each Wednesday and Sunday, worshipers are given the opportunity to give their pocket change – and any spare folding money too! – to our “noisy offering.”  The Noisy Offering is collected by our children after each week’s Kids’ Time, and 100% of it is given to a selected mission or ministry.

This has been an enriching experience for Calvary worshipers. It’s amazing how these offerings each week add up!  Since we began this offering in 2009 we have collected and given away over 175,000 to over 40 organizations both locally and abroad. Organizations like Feed My Starving Children, Clean Water Project, Kids Plus Program, Lutheran World Relief, Salvation Army, Third Street Clinic and Inspire Pharmacy have been recipients of our monthly donations.

Noisy Offering Totals

Feed My Starving Children 6,305.68
Honduras Mission 2,395.81
Africa Mission 1,898.23
Campership 1,201.87
Clean Water 1,500.03
School Supplies 788.47
Lutheran World Relief 1,197.57
CVIC 1,872.13
ELCA Hunger 1,489.56
Mortar Board 454.46
Kids Plus 432.82
Mission Thanksgiving 570.12
Food Bank 871.89
Salvation Army 411.81
TOTAL 21,390.45


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