Holy Grounds Coffee House

“…Remove the sandals from your feet, for the place on which you are standing is holy ground.”  Exodus 3:5

Holy Grounds is Calvary’s coffee house. It is a place of welcome, warmth, fellowship and conversation.
To sign up contact Nichole Bye.


Mom’s Meals Team

Do you like to cook? Have a favorite dish to make? Like to try new recipes? If you answered yes to any of these questions, please consider signing up to be on the hospitality meal team which provides MEALS FOR MOMS. Contact Nichole Bye.

Funeral Meal and Hospitality Team

Sharing a meal after a funeral gives people a chance to remember their loved ones together. Meals are set up and served in the Fellowship Hall after funerals. People also prepare food such as salads, hot dish and “bars” to be served. Contact the church office (701-772-4897) to volunteer, serve, or to bring food for this important ministry.

Wedding Coordinator Team

The Wedding Coordinator meets with each bride to go over wedding plans. Members of the wedding team are present at the wedding rehearsal and the wedding to help organize the wedding party and assist the pastors. The team meets with the Wedding Coordinator, Gloria Sanford, to review the duties of the team and the desires of each couple. Contact Gloria at 772-4236 to find out more about becoming a part of this wonderful team.