Pastor Troy - Honduras 2013Love God by Reaching In Love To Others

We believe it is scripture’s clear teaching – and our deep joy and faithful responsibility – to show our love for God by reaching out in loving service and witness to others.  As our congregation’s mission statement reminds us, “Called by God, centered in grace, Calvary serves and ignites people for Christ.”

Here are some links to some past, upcoming, and ongoing outreach events and ministries at Calvary.

The ELCA’s Lutheran Disaster Response program allows us to partner with other Lutheran Congregations and Synods located in areas directly affected by disasters.  Since the adminstrative infrastructure is already in place, we are able to assure donors that 100% of the gift they give will go directly to those in need.   To learn more, or to make a donation, click here.

2013Feed My Starving Children

The 6th annual Grand Forks Feed My Starving Children Mobile Pack event was held April at the beginning of April.  To view more information, click here.

Want to see a photo album of one of our FMSC events?  Click here!   You are also welcome to  E-mail Jodie to let her know your desire to support this wonderful work we do together.


Youth Mission Trip  Calvary regularly offers both High School and Middle School youth the opportunity to grow in faith and make a difference in God’s world by taking part in a summer mission trip.

Joani's reunionHonduras Mission Trip Calvary maintains an ongoing relationship with our brothers and sisters in the village of El Triunfo, Honduras – including funding a year round lunch program which feed 100-150 children per day. To learn more about our team’s 2012 experience, click here.  In 2013, the team began work to establish a second lunch site for Honduran children in a small village, La Pena, outside of El Triunfo, and approximately 2 miles from the Nicaraguan border.   In 2016, we will be adding a third lunch site. With the continuing relationship that exists with our brothers and sisters in El Triunfo, a number of lasting friendships have been established and are renewed from year to year, as seen in the picture of the joyous renunion at the left.

Ethiopia Mission Trip Calvary began sending people to Ethiopia in the spring of 2013.  They help to spread Christ’s love to the people who live in orphanages, villages, the mountainside communities, and much more.  To learn about last year’s trip, click here.

Noisy Offering Each Sunday  Each week at worship, Calvary’s children invite worshipers to donate their pocket change to the “Noisy Offering.”  100% of the money received in the Noisy Offering is given away to neighbors in need – near of far.  It’s amazing how it adds up!

Annual “Mission Blitz Sunday.”   One Sunday during the year, Calvary members focus not on the theme of “coming to church,” but of going out into the community to “be the church.”  Very brief worship services at Calvary that day remind us of scripture’s clear teaching that loving God can never be separated from reaching out in love to others.  To learn more about past or upcoming Mission Blitz Sundays, click here.