Calvary’s Columbarium

Calvary’s columbarium has recently been completed.  img_0323The word “columbarium” is new to many of us. Unlike mausoleums, which are large structures for above ground storage for caskets, a columbarium is a much smaller structure, built for permanent and respectful storage of small urns containing cremated remains.  The January vote stipulated that we will proceed with the construction once a sufficient number of presales of “niches” for urns have been made to fund the initial construction.

In March, the Calvary Council adopted a set of  Columbarium By-Laws (3-10-15) that were brought forward by the Columbarium team.

In April, the Council approved the following set of support documents and forms to be used as niches are sold.  Presales have now begun.


Drawing of corner location from inside

Drawing of corner location from outside







Currently, members who have reserved a companion niche are selecting their location in the Columbarium.  Presales are still ongoing at the $1600 price which includes the reservation of a companion niche, urns and inscriptions on the granite niche front.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact the following members of our Calvary Columbarium Team: