Senior High Activities

Project Loaves & Fishes

WHO:Confirmation students willing to participate : CLICK HERE to register

WHAT: Project Loaves and Fishes– If you’re willing and able to participate, stop by the church office to pick up an envelope with $50 in it. Your goal with this money is to go out and multiply it and bring that back as an offering! Some examples are, but not limited to:


• Car wash: buy supplies with your dollars and charge a fee or freewill donation for the wash.

• Bake sale :buy flour, sugar, eggs and print flyers for a bake sale• Wash windows
• Rent carpet cleaner
• Yard work

• Date night: purchase supplies for a craft project, pizza, juice and offer to babysit for a fee or freewill donation!

• Are you creative? Make something to sell! Auction/raffle off a tie blanket!
Don’t be afraid to be creative with your fellow confirmation students. Perhaps you pool

dollars together for a greater investment you think might create a larger impact!

WHEN:You have the rest of the summer to brainstorm, plan, and take action! We ask that you come prepared to orientation night on September 5 with two pictures from your project as well as the funds you were able to collect.

Aaron will be creating a video with photos and interviews highlighting all the different projects and what your experience was like. Like the story of the loaves and fishes, we believe that what you start with, Jesus can help multiply to bless many!

Something to consider: If you or someone you know is a Thrivent member, consider applying for a Thrivent Action Team Grant to help supplement your project!

Contact Pastor Kirk with questions!

Youth ministry at Calvary is congregationally-owned.  This means that members of Calvary help to plan and carry out events, working with and through the congregation’s youth ministry coordinator.  Within this framework, people come together to create an environment that allows for ownership of the ministry and gives parents and other people a chance to share in what happens in the lives of Calvary’s young people.