Middle School Activities

2017 Camp Metigoshe Transportation Registration

Bible Camp is a wonderful opportunity for young people to deepen their faith, enjoy time outdoors in God’s creation, and share an Adventure Anchored in Christ. This summer, Calvary is promoting Camp Metighoshe for students currently in grades 3-9.

Metigoshe asks that you register yourself for camp. When registering, please make sure to list Calvary as your congregation so you can receive your campership. (Additional financial assistance is available upon request.)

The dates that Calvary will provide transportation to and from Metigoshe:

  • July 9th-12th for Grades 3-4
  • August 6th-11th for Grades 5-9

To register for camp, please click HERE.

  • Students currently in grades 3-4, register for Trailblazers 2.
  • Students currently in grades 5-6, register for Pioneers 3.
  • Students currently in grades 7-9, please register for Discoverers 3.

To register for transportation, please follow the link below:

  • Current Grades 3-4, Click HERE
  • Current Grades 5-9, Click HERE

Registration for campership money and transportation provided by Calvary can also be completed in the church office. Assistance with registration will be provided before and after worship in the youth office on Sunday, April 2nd.

For any questions/concerns, contact Aaron, Katie, or Karl, or call the church office at 701-772-4897.

Friday Night Life

An opportunity for middle school students to connect with each other and with God.

We meet once every month, and what we do changes each time.
Here is what’s coming up:

  • Friday, October 13: 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. 
    Pumpkin Carving & the Reformation

More information will be provided as the events draw near.  For questions, contact Arron or Katie.

Confirmation Registration

Here We Stand6th – 9th Grade Confirmation registration for 2017-2018 is now open.  Please check with Jackie if you have any questions (772-4897 or jackie.spiros@calvarygf.org).

If you would like to register online, CLICK HERE.

You can also print out the 2017-2018 Confirmation-Registration-Form and return it to Calvary with your payment.

Youth ministry at Calvary is congregationally-owned.  This means that members of Calvary help to plan and carry out events, working with and through the congregation’s youth ministry coordinator.  Within this framework, people come together to create an environment that allows for ownership of the ministry and gives parents and other people a chance to share in what happens in the lives of Calvary’s young people.