Silver Stars

 (Fellowship for 65 and over)

Calvary’s Silver Stars is geared for adults age 65+ and is a ministry of community and fellowship.

Silver S.T.A.R.s :





Silver Stars meet the second Wednesday of every month at 2:00 p.m.   The format for this fun group will include a devotion time, Happy Birthday wishes, a program and a light snack!

MAY 9 : Old Fashioned Picnic-in-the-park | Lincoln Park

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2019 Men’s Weekend

Attention Calvary Men!


Join us for the Men’s Weekend… Friday, June 14 – Sunday, June 16!

Time for baseball!  Minnesota Twins  verses  Kansas City Royals

Target Field in Minneapolis

Come join others to carpool from Calvary to the Cities on Friday, June 14 between 12:00-1:00 p.m.  The baseball game is Saturday at Target Field.  We will return home on Sunday afternoon, June 16.  Twins ticket and lodging for two nights will be $140 per person not including food.   For more information, contact Pastor Kirk or Nathan Olson.

Save your seat! CLICK HERE to register today!


Men on a Mission (MoaM)

men_mission_logoMen on a Mission (MoaM)

Mission Statement:

Called by God and centered in grace, Calvary’s Men on a Mission use their hands, tools, skills, and energy to serve and ignite people in Christ’s name.

MoaM Role Definition:

Men on a Mission contribute our skills, our energy, and our time to helping others accomplish small yard and home projects. We are a set of Calvary Lutheran Church volunteers with a strong desire to help those in need.  We reach out, usually in non-verbal ways, to say with our hands and tools, “Calvary loves you and so does Jesus”.

We reach out first to Calvary members who need assistance, but we will reach beyond Calvary’s walls when God calls us to do so.  We hope to make an impact in individuals’ lives through service, but we servants are also served.  Through mission-oriented, non-verbal service, we are enriched by fellowship, a common sense of purpose, and a connection to Christ’s commandment to “love thy neighbor”.

MoaM Core Values:

  • Service to Calvary members in need
  • Service to others to whom God points us
  • Fellowship among Lutherans
  • Non-verbal worship with our hands
  • Desire to make a difference in individual lives – the served and the servants
  • Community-building at Calvary and outside of Calvary