Feed My Starving MobilePack Event

Feed My Starving ChildrenSAVE the DATES! A seventh annual Grand Forks Area Feed My Starving Children Mobile Pack event will take place April 6-8, 2018.  In the past seven years, volunteers from Grand Forks, East Grand Forks, and the surrounding communities have come together at the Grand Forks Public Works building to package nearly 6,346 starvation impacted children for an entire year. FMSC is a Christian nonprofit hunger relief organization working with volunteers to produce MannaPackTM Rice, a scientifically formulated food formula that is culturally acceptable worldwide. Our food over that time has been shipped to Haiti, Nicaragua, Philippines and the Dominican Republic. Churches, businesses, UND groups, area schools, service groups, area schools, service groups and many individuals provided money to help pay for the food through fundraising donations. We believe we are called to do this again. We will strive to pack 400,000 meals for children around  the world this year.  Meaning in seven years there will have been 2,717,680 meals packed and paid for by our community.  Organizations in nearly 70 countries around the world distribute these meals to children in greatest need. To learn more about FMSC, visit www.fmsc.org

We need your partnership.  Would you join us in making this happen both with helping us with your donation and volunteering to pack for this event?

 2000 volunteers and $88,000 are needed to meet this year’s goals.

  • Volunteers: Adults and children will measure and scoop ingredients, seal bags, and prepare boxes for shipping. Registration will be live six weeks prior to the event.  We will share the link with Calvary members a few days ahead of the site opening to the general public. 
  • Donations/Fundraising:  To help us meet our $88,000 goal, please consider donating to this event. You can write a check to Calvary with our FMSC MobilePack number, “#1703-022EA” in the memo line. Donations may also be made online by CLICKING HERE


CLICK HERE to register today! Enter the access code “Grand Forks” after you select “volunteer to pack” in the appropriate area. The event has 4 shifts per day starting April 6-8. You can either join one of our 2 established Calvary group times by selecting “join a group” and searching for Calvary Lutheran Group 1 (9-11 on Saturday April 7) or Calvary Lutheran Group 2 (2-4 on Sunday April 8) .  We have 30 spots reserved at each of those times.  If you have over 4 people as part of your group that you would like to sign up we would request that you create your own group in the registration process.  This will assure that you receive reminder emails that you can share with your group members as their leader.  Please assure that you have all family or group member names entered by 2 weeks prior to the packing event.

The process of registering does require that you create an account.  If you have previously created one, sometimes the old password works and sometimes it does not. If you are not getting in with your old one, please go through the process where you select “forgot my password” and fix that first.  Registration should go smoothly after that.

Thank you for your contributions to help pay for the food.  We are about 1/3 way through our fundraising so if you have not had a chance to contribute to help pay for the food we’ll pack, we would appreciate it. Any amount helps. The registration process does offer an opportunity to do that online or you can leave a donation at church.  Bringing a donation with you is also an option.  Again it is not required to pack…but appreciated.

Finally, we feel like as we pack food for those in the world whose prayer is even for one meal a day, we want to be sure our hungry at home are being fed.  We will collect nonperishable food items or donations to our local food cupboard when you come to pack.

If you have questions please contact Jodie or Bruce Storhaug at jstorhaug@gra.midco.net.