Calvary Pre-Marriage Classes

Congratulations on your engagement! We are excited to be part of your wedding and unfolding relationship.

This counseling provides valuable instruction on key topics (conflict, communication, money, etc.) with time to process these ideas together privately as a couple. They are also good opportunities to connect with other couples in the same life stage as you.

  1. Calvary Pre-Marriage Classes will all be hosted at Calvary and led by Calvary staff. They will be based on the Prepare/Enrich program. You will each fill out an inventory ahead of time and a report will be generated based on your answers that will help you identify your strength and growth areas in your relationship, some description of your unique personality and how you understand marriage and family. This report will only be seen by yourselves and the facilitator for your specific class. It is completely confidential. The program comes with a workbook with communication exercises in it that we will use in our classes designed to get you talking, planning and dreaming about your future together. The cost of the retreat is $150 and can be paid by credit or debit card. All retreats will be held in the Holy Grounds Coffeehouse or the Fellowship Hall at Calvary.  The dates are as follows:

More than prepare for the wedding, we at Calvary want to help you do the work of preparing for your marriage, which is intended to last a lifetime.  God bless you as you prepare for your unfolding life together.

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